Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Learning network and Communication skills

What does it mean by learning and communicating?
From what i understand "Learning is the lifelong process of transforming information and experience into knowledge, skills, behaviors, and attitudes". While communicating is "To express oneself in such a way that one is readily and clearly understood in other words talking or speaking to others either verbal or non-verbal. What i would like to talk about is Learning network and communication skills.

Understand the importance of communications

Clear communication is not easy. The method, context, structure, language, knowledge and an understanding of the needs of the recipients to whom the information is being transmitted are vital in understanding the importance of communication. Communication is a key element in any type of relationship, whether personal or business. Having the right communication skills can improve your relationships with co-workers, employees, employers, friends and family. Learning the skills for proper communication techniques can be acquired online through various websites and methods of training

How to improve online communication

1.       Put people before technology.

2.       Communicate online the same as you would in person. The same civility should be practiced in online communications as when you are face-to-face with an individual.

3.       Avoid unnecessary font styles, font colors or background "stationery." Technology may offer a variety of expressive tools you feel convey your individualism. Too often, unconventional stylings merely detract from your message.

4.       Check your sources before sharing information with others.

5.       Do not forward every memorable quote, funny video or heart-wrenchingly inspirational story to your friends. The more information you "pass along" to others, the less value your personal communication has. People value a message sent directly from you to them. When you continually send messages not originally from you, they no longer expect your communication to be personal, and will eventually ignore you.

6.       Avoid acronyms. BFF (best friend forever), IMHO (in my humble opinion) LOL (laughing out loud) may have once communicated how net-savvy you are, but now only serve as an impediment to interpersonal communication being treated with the respect it deserves. Not everyone knows what these acronyms mean.

7.       Overlook the mistakes of others. Those who have not yet discovered "Netiquette" require the same patience from you as exercised by others when you too were ignorant of how your communication was being perceived.

From where you can learn online communication?

Free Training
·         There are a few websites that offer free downloads of training e-books and work books. When downloading a free version of communication training books, you should expect to receive email promotions and advertisements in return for the free download.
You can read through these training books at your leisure, taking notes on important points and doing the workbooks if they come along with the download.
Paid Downloads
·         Many websites offer training manuals for downloading at a price. This price should include all of the materials you will need, such as Powerpoints and training guides. You may have the choice of what type of communication skills you are looking for, such as employee communication skills.
Book Training
·         You can purchase communication training books from websites such as Amazon.com. Many books are available for purchase that can teach you assertiveness skills and business communication skills.

How to be an effective team player in online forums

Leadership ability refers to competence in areas such as:

  1.    being a role model
  2.   motivating members
  3.   encouraging others
  4.   delegating so that the work done
  5.   leading an activity
  6.   having the characteristics of an effective team player

There are 9 Qualities of an Effective Team Player

1) Demonstrates reliability
2) Communicates constructively
3) Listens actively
4) Functions as an active participant
5) Shares openly and willingly
6) Exhibits flexibility
7) Works as a problem-solver
8) Treats others in a respectful and supportive manner
9) Shows commitment to Forum (Group)

The criteria having a good team member

  • ·      Activeness meaning their participation
  • ·      Good conduct and behavior
  • ·      Helpfulness helping other people to add inputs or opinions
  • ·      Maturity always thinking positively regarding what is being replied
  • ·      Knowledge and Wisdom 

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