Thursday, 23 August 2012

When there is no one around..

To become somebody known by the world must empower of knowledge and religion

PS:*Just what i have in mind.

Everybody would have the same feeling when they are alone. For me, that is what i feel now. Its not that i don't have friends but the feeling to be alone is sometimes is a great feeling but it gets awkward if you be alone all the time. People could see you have problems and so on. What i have in mind is that it would be very fun if we could be a person who is different where people don't really have to depend on each other. Its true having friends around us all the time is fun but we to do need our own quality time to do our own things for example watch movies listen to songs or reading any reading materials. I find that im more to be an independent person. This is because i tend to be a person who prefer to do things on my own even though there is quote saying two is better than one. To me its just ridiculous haha.. i rock my own world but not all the time.

"Good things comes to those who wait"

 Actually the reason i am writing is because i just felt like i want to. I would like to write another if there is a follower one or two how fun  it could be as i can change ideas and share stories or maybe secrets maybe. I need to get done my report before Monday because i need to submit it to my adviser since this would be my last year of study and i hope that i will be hold a DIPLOMA in my hand on this coming October. Who's there willing to come and give me a present on my achievement? If there's nobody ouh! Nevermind Ardika Congrats to yourself OK. hehe im crazy.. Sometimes i dont get what is wrong with me. What are the problems that i am facing. Is it because i like to mumble, just type as i like ? what i am going to be when i grow up? writer? haha who knows.. i hope there is a path for me to be a successful person in life as i promised myself to help mum. But mummy i think i want to further my studies i would like to hold a Degree pelease.. hehe is this too much? please let it be mummy. its for you too. If its troubling you i dont mind i will try hard and get a job a soon as possible and find my own way to get myself for Degree so that i dont have to depend on you anymore okei mum? For all this time you have inspire me so much, i will make sure the inspiration that i got from you will not fade as my love towards you gets stronger and stronger. I know you dont have the time to read this but its okei it would be better if its kept confidential. 

=D i hope i will continue writing in the future.