Friday, 25 October 2013

Time flies so fast yet, we dont even want to move.

If i was a business man with a time machine (only a door required), I'm sure i will be a rich man by now.

1)To enter the time machine door, you are only allowed to wear a robe and everything must be left behind.
2)50 cents per travel.
3)Once you enter the door don't turn back.
4)If you turn back the charge is RM 50.00.

A story to share:-
A guy came and said "are you sure that i can trust you and your machine?"
I said "When you don't try you will never know". So the guy took off his cloths and left it in the basket took the robe and put it on.  Then he said to himself "what is it got to lose if the fair is just 50 cents. When he entered the door and he was still there". The guy asked "He said have i changed?". Then i said "yes you have". He just smiled and walked away.

The moral of the story the guy knew that if he entered the door back he needs to pay RM50.00 + 50 cent. To him what is the point if he gets to take back what's his but still his just going through the same life without any improvement.

Instead he made a police report that his items was lost and work his ass out to get a better life instead of complaining.. =D

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

To my deary beloved Dk Noor Hamidah Pg Metussin.

The soul to me body,
The strength to my will,
The air that i breath,
The sight to my eyes,
The cloths to my body,
The sound to my ears,
The tooth paste to my teeth,
The shoe to my feet,
The girl of my heart,

Your the one who i have been longing to be with and the one whom i have been waiting for. As this is the confession that you have been waiting from me all this time. Sometimes i may be mean and cruel to you, however those things have never made you change your mind to stop from loving me i guess.
In fact i am grateful to have you around most of the time. Well to tell you the truth i can see its not most of the time but it is all the time.

Day nor night,
Dawn nor sunset,

You were always there by my side. Some of the time i tend to get confused is this the real you? Are you true?, Are you for real?.

As day by day, week by week, months by months goes by, i sense the presence of you getting nearer and nearer as the rain that is always raining of me, as the sun never stopped shining over a tree. That's from what i see. Maybe sometimes i make you cry and angry like spilling petrol on the fire making things more worst, but initially its because you didn't understand what i tried to tell you. For the truth if you read the whole thing you might understand what was hidden from the things i said.

To the girl who was a sperm once like me, who was a baby once like me, who was a child once like me, who was a girl no longer like me, who was a teenager no longer like me, and now an adult who is now in me. I hope and pray to Allah S.W.T. may Allah treasure this relationship and bless us in going through our journey of life as a human being.

I guess you must be thinking what i am writing taking a long time to press enter. Just to let you know since you mentioned that you love reading articles, now here you go read mine and see if you love to read it as the way you love to read other peoples article.

Dont dream that this is the end of the story you still have a few more lines to go.

May the story begin, Once upon a time there was a lovely, fatty young lady who lived in Brunei, as years by years go by, she met a few guys a long the journey of life. As she went a long the journey, she went through all types of obstacles, like going up and down the hill, joy and laughter, till she met this ugly looking troll. The troll tagged her and said "Your It!". The lovely, fatty young lady said "why did you tagged me?". then the troll said "What does the fox say!". "Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding". Friend request accepted from there onward the troll and the lovely, fatty young lady lived happily ever after in the world of technology as that is the only source for them to communicate since the troll live on the land far far away while the lovely, fatty young lady lives in a big castle, surrounded by animals, such as turtles, and chickens.

~The End~