Friday, 25 October 2013

Time flies so fast yet, we dont even want to move.

If i was a business man with a time machine (only a door required), I'm sure i will be a rich man by now.

1)To enter the time machine door, you are only allowed to wear a robe and everything must be left behind.
2)50 cents per travel.
3)Once you enter the door don't turn back.
4)If you turn back the charge is RM 50.00.

A story to share:-
A guy came and said "are you sure that i can trust you and your machine?"
I said "When you don't try you will never know". So the guy took off his cloths and left it in the basket took the robe and put it on.  Then he said to himself "what is it got to lose if the fair is just 50 cents. When he entered the door and he was still there". The guy asked "He said have i changed?". Then i said "yes you have". He just smiled and walked away.

The moral of the story the guy knew that if he entered the door back he needs to pay RM50.00 + 50 cent. To him what is the point if he gets to take back what's his but still his just going through the same life without any improvement.

Instead he made a police report that his items was lost and work his ass out to get a better life instead of complaining.. =D

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  1. all the best in ur life. jangan lupa jemput makan kenduri! :D